We would like to help in the current situation of covid, because of the Helplines are unavailable for hours or days. Official helplines in India are still unavailable for hours and days. For those who need access to health care but cannot find enough informations or cannot indicate their needs, we can now provide a good opportunity with our geolocation technology. Thus, around the given location, the person who is looking for help nearby receives the most relevant information about the care and situation. Or the given hospital, organization get the information about whos asked for help nearby, in connection with some kind of health care. Whether it’s searching for oxygen cylinders, medications, and hospital beds, just drop a post with a #COVIDSOS hashtag, and add the relevant location, with a radius of smaller or larger range, and this post will show up to those within that range. This post may be appeared for particular hospital, organization, or person who can help, but even a person who is looking for a bed, medication, or other health care in this difficult situation.