Due to the epidemic conditions in India, it was often impossible to reach the helplines for hours, days. Instead of helplines, Twitter has become an aid to providing information. – wrote Al Jazeera
As it becomes increasingly difficult to access health care, hospitals struggling with oxygen and medicine shortages send out those they are unable to provide.

As a result, Twitter has become a new platform for community assistance. It provided a solution for finding oxygen cylinders, medications and hospital beds with #COVIDSOS hashtags. One of the biggest help on twitter was the retweet feature.
For example, a Google spreadsheet compiled by a group of volunteers that gathered information about hospital beds, oxygen, and plasma supplies in each federal state spread across dozens of different pages in a matter of seconds.

A software developer has created a website that allows those interested to search for specific cities and services, needs, whether it’s oxygen or even things used to treat the infection, and then directs them directly to relevant results available on Twitter.